7 Tips to Consider When Planning to Put Flowers on a Loved One's Grave

Leaving flowers or other tokens at a loved one's grave is a longstanding tradition, but before you head to the cemetery, you may want to spend some time deciding what you'd like to place there. Here are some tips to help you generate ideas.

1. Consider the Deceased's Favourite Flowers

If you want to make a simple, classic gesture to remember your loved one, consider bringing a bouquet of their favourite flowers. This doesn't have to be elaborate. In fact, a simple gathering of flowers held together by a biodegradable string is elegant and simple.

2. Opt for Hardy Flowers

To ensure the arrangement lasts as long as possible, you may want to opt for hardy flowers. Geraniums are a iconic option, but you may also want to consider a display of wild perennials. A florist can help you come up with alternatives.

3. Think About Artificial Silk Flowers

Of course, you don't have to leave real flowers at the grave. Many mourners and family members opt for silk flowers. These can often stay at the grave looking nice until you return and replace them, and you can pick any variety of flower, without worrying about it wilting.

4. Look Into Headstone Sprays

Headstone sprays are a floral arrangement made specifically to adorn headstones. Their shape complements the width and height of a traditional headstone, and florists can usually make these arrangements with real or silk flowers of your choice.

Other popular arrangements include wreaths or holiday-themed arrangements.

5. Explore Other Alternatives

If you don't want to put flowers on the gravestone, there are other options. Many people like to leave a small stone as a memento that they were there. Others have left teddy bears, golf balls, angle statutes and a range of other items on gravestones.

6. Abide by Cemetery Regulations

Note that different cemeteries and gravesites have different rules about what you can leave on gravesites. You may want to contact the graveyard before leaving items on the grave. These rules are primarily made to keep the cemetery clean and orderly or to prevent people from leaving objects that may hurt staff as they clean them, up. For example, some cemeteries may ban flowers in glass vases — that protects the staff from having to pick up shards of glass if the case breaks in a hail storm, for instance.

7. Ask a Florist About Delivery Options

If you can't make it to the cemetery, some florists may be willing to deliver flowers to the graveside for you. If the florist you find doesn't offer that service, you may want to find a graveside caretaker who can pick up the flowers from the florist and deliver them for you.