5 Types Of Flowers That Are Perfect For Celebrating The Birth Of A Baby

When a baby is born, family and friends send gifts to the family for the baby, but what about a gift specifically for mum or the whole family to enjoy at this special time? The birth of a baby is a joyous time filled with celebration, hope for their future and abounding love, and flowers are the perfect gift to express your feelings and bestow your best wishes on a newly extended family. Everyone can enjoy looking at them and taking in their scent, and if you can't visit the family in person, flowers can be delivered easily. When selecting your bouquet, consider the message you want to convey. Here's an overview of five types of flower that are perfect for celebrating a birth:


Tulips emit a beautiful fragrance reminiscent of spring and come in just about every colour imaginable, so you can incorporate a new mum's favourite colour into the bouquet. Tulips have bulbous flowers and each flower has six long petals with long, narrow green leaves. These flowers signify perfection, love, dreaminess and jubilation.

Birds Of Paradise

Birds of paradise are striking flowers with orange and blue petals and glossy green leaves. They are native to South Africa and resemble a bird in flight. Birds of paradise flowers are symbolic of joy, excitement and abundance.


Each carnation flower has five dainty petals with serrated edges and narrow leaves that are green, purple or blue in colour. Carnation flowers come in a variety of colours, and the meaning of the flower changes with the colour of the petals. Red carnations symbolise pride and love, while white carnations are symbolic of purity and innocence, and pink carnations symbolise a mother's unique love for her child.


Tall, striking and unmistakable, sunflower heads have bright yellow petals, and a single sunflower makes an admirable centrepiece in a bouquet of spring flowers. Sunflowers symbolise adoration, pure love and dedication.


Fragrant and with full, round blooms, roses are known to convey love, but the exact meaning associated with the flower changes with the colour of the petals. Pink roses symbolise joy and gratitude, while yellow roses symbolise a warm welcome. Lavender roses symbolise enchantment and adoration, and white roses symbolise innocence and pure love.

These are just a few examples of flowers that can be used to celebrate the birth of a child. By being intentional about the type of flowers you choose for a bouquet, you can transform a beautiful gift in to one that's also meaningful.